The mission of submission – René & Jacqueline de Groot

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Digging out the root of conflict and tension in marriage

Much has been written about this subject, with often deep-rooted emotions. But few search for the ‘why’ behind this sometimes heavy-laden topic. In this colourfully written book, full of open and honest heart confessions of both their victories and failures, René and Jacqueline de Groot dig up the roots of this conflict, and will show the New Testament solution. Since their marriage in 1987, God has taught them many lessons through sometimes difficult circumstances, which resulted in practical and biblically founded solutions and answers on these often delicate questions. Jacqueline shares her powerful testimony of how God taught her about her value and position as a woman and wife and how this has influenced her life, and the life of her husband and their ministry in a very powerful way.

Some of the questions you’ll find answered in this book:
*How are a man and his wife to relate to each other on the level of authority according to God’s original creation?
*What does it mean that the ‘man is the head of his wife’?
*What happened in the marriage relationship with the Fall?
* What is the root problem of marital conflicts?
*What is the New Testament solution?
*How can peace and harmony be permanently restored in a marital relationship?
*Is there a place for women in ministry and leadership in the Church?

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